OneFuse Property Toolkit is now FREE

Yes you read the title correct. Cloudbolt is now giving away the Property Toolkit capability that is part of OneFuse for FREE. If you are not familiar with the OneFuse or its Property Toolkit capabilities below are some links to help get you familiar:

The OneFuse Property Toolkit is the Swiss army knife of the OneFuse Platform.  It can be used in many different ways to assist you in meeting your automation needs.  It can be used to simplify configurations, define business logic as configuration, build simple logic or tackle the most complex problems.  In its simplest form its meta-data that can be used as a reference offering simple name value pairs that can be used as a reference for decision making.  In its most powerful form it can contain logic, decision trees, platform abstractions, and much more.

It’s a blank canvas waiting to solve the needs of any organization.  A common use for the Property Toolkit is to centrally define organizational business logic as configuration that can be used to standardize across different tools allowing you to centralize your business logic and maintain standards across the organization.

Stay tuned for more articles on how you can use this awesome free capability to help achieve your automation goals.

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Terraform with OneFuse: Better Together

If you have read some of my other articles you have heard me mention the OneFuse Terraform provider, but only that it has one.  Well in this article we are going to dive right in and take a first hand look at how awesome it really is.

For those of you that know me, you probably know I’m a long time die hard vRA fanboy going all the way back to before it was vRA in the DynamicOps days.  Well I’m still a bit of a vRA fanboy, but I’m really in love with Terraform.  Not just Terraform, but Terraform with OneFuse.

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