vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 6.0 Creating a VCHS Reservation

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VCHS reservations are very similar to creating a vSphere reservation as you may expect. You are going to assign it to a Tenant and business group, you are going to reserve memory and storage, and determine what networks are available just like you would do when creating a vSphere reservation. There is really on one minor difference. You don’t have to manage and maintain the underlying hardware. In my mind that is a huge plus.

Creating a VCHS reservation

  1. Start by going to Infrastructure -> Reservations -> Reservations and from the “New Reservations” menu select Cloud and then vApp(vCloud Director).
  2. vcac601vchsres-0

  3. On the New reservation screen screen there is a few fields you will need to fill out. First select the Compute resource you would like to create the resource against. Next select the tenant you would like to assign the reservation to as well as the business group within the tenant. Finally you must set a priority for the reservation.
  4. vcac601vchsres-1

  5. Next on the resources tab you will select the amount of memory you want to reserve as well as the datastores you would like to reserve capacity capacity against along with the amount of disk space to reserve. You will also need to set a priority for each datastore you enable and reserve capacity against.
  6. vcac601vchsres-2

  7. Next on the network tab you can select the networks you would like to make available to the reservation. On this screen you also have the ability to assign a network profile to the selected network. For more information on network profiles please send the network profile tutorial.
  8. vcac601vchsres-3

  9. Finally if you click on the alerts tab and configure your desired thresholds and notification email address(es) and click ok to save the reservation.
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