Installing the OneFuse Workflow Package into vRA8

Caution: Articles written for technical not grammatical accuracy, If poor grammar offends you proceed with caution ;-)

In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how easy it is to install the OneFuse workflow package into vRA8.  Once the workflow package is installed you will be able to take advantage of all that OneFuse has to offer within vRA8. 

*Note that this same workflow package will also work for vRA7 and vRA Cloud.

Once the OneFuse vRA workflow package is installed and configured, it will automatically create the needed vRA Event Broker Subscriptions for each of the available integrations.

Before we begin, there are prerequisites you will want to have ready.


Importing the OneFuse Workflow Package in vRO

First, we need to import the workflow package that was obtained as part of the prerequisites.  To import the package follow the steps below:

  1. From the vRO web based UI navigate to Packages and select “Import”
  2. Once you have selected import choose the .package file you previously downloaded and select “Open”
  3. After opening the package select “Import”
  4. Once the Import is complete navigate to “Workflows” and from tree view navigate to OneFuse -> Configuration -> and select “OneFuse Configuration” workflow and then select “RUN”
  5. When the dialog appears check “Create vRA Endpoint” and “Create OneFuse Endpoint” and then select the “Create vRA Endpoint” page.
  6. One the “Create vRA Endpoint” page, enter the FQDN for the vRA appliance, a username, password, port, version, and select “Ignore Certificate Warnings” once completed select the “Create OneFuse Endpoint” page from the top.
  7. Create a name for the Endpoint. Keep it simple as this will be used when consuming the integration from within vRA. I would recommend calling it onefuse, or onefusedev, onefuseprod or something similar. Input the FQDN for the appliance, a username, password, the port, and select “Ignore Certificate Warnings”. Select “RUN once completed.

Once the workflow run is complete the OneFuse vRA package is installed, configured, and ready for use. In my next article, “vRA8 with OneFuse: Custom Naming“, I will walk through how to create a blueprint that uses the OneFuse Naming module.

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