NSX 6.1 Walk-Through

Here you will find step by step instructional tutorials on how to Install and Configure NSX 6.1. The below is a list of articles some are already completed and others are in the process of being created and will be publish soon. If you don’t see a topic listed that you would like covered please let us know and we will get it added to the list.

Installing NSX 6.1 Core Components

  1. VMware NSX 6.1 for vSphere Step-By-Step Installation
  2. VMware NSX 6.1 for vSphere – Setting up Transport Zones

Configuring NSX 6.1

  1. Deploying Logical Switches
  2. Deploying Logical Routers
  3. Edge Gateways
  4. Connecting Logical and Edge Routers
  5. Configuring OSPF Route Distribution
  6. SSL VPN
  7. L2 IPSec VPN
  8. Load Balancing
  9. Distributed Firewall

NSX vCAC Configuration

  1. Connecting NSX to vCAC
  2. Creating an External Network Profile
  3. Creating a Routed Network Profile
  4. Creating a One-to-Many NAT Network Profile
  5. Creating a One-to-One NAT Network Profile
  6. Creating a Private Network Profile
  7. Creating a vCAC NSX Reservation
  8. Creating a vCAC Multi-Machine Blueprint w/ Routed Gateway Support

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