Creating a OneFuse Active Directory Policy

The OneFuse Active Directory (AD) module offers features for placing deployed computer objects into the appropriate Active Directory (AD) organizational units (OU).  This includes support for pre-build organization units (OU), final Organizational Unit placement, as well as placement of computer objects into Active Directory (AD) security groups. 

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Terraform with OneFuse: Better Together

If you have read some of my other articles you have heard me mention the OneFuse Terraform provider, but only that it has one.  Well in this article we are going to dive right in and take a first hand look at how awesome it really is.

For those of you that know me, you probably know I’m a long time die hard vRA fanboy going all the way back to before it was vRA in the DynamicOps days.  Well I’m still a bit of a vRA fanboy, but I’m really in love with Terraform.  Not just Terraform, but Terraform with OneFuse.

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vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 5.1 – Using Custom Properties

In this example we are going to configure a few different types of custom properties. The properties we are going to configure are:

  • VMware.VirtualCenter.Folder – This property allows you to define the folder in vCenter that a virtual machine will be placed in. If the folder does no exists it will be created when a machine is crated to be placed in the folder.
  • Cost.Center – This is not a reserved custom property, it’s one we are going to make up to attach a cost center to the machine request.
  • Project.ID – This is not a reserved custom property, it’s one we are going to make up to attach a Project ID to the machine request. We are going to prompt the user to input this value as part of the request.
  • Plugin.ADMachine.Cleanup.X – There are actually a few properties associated with this. The AD Cleanup wizard is a set of properties that allows you to configure what action to take in AD when a machine is destroyed. In my example I’m going to remove the machine record, however you can also configure it to move the machine to a specific OU and not delete it’s record.

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