VMware NSX for vSPhere 6.1.2 – Upgrading from NSX 6.1 to NSX 6.1.2

NSX for vSphere was released on December 4th and I’m sure you all dropped everything to get the bits upgraded in your lab environments.  Good news is if your installs took as long as mine you might still have time to read this before they finish 😉  In all seriousness I would recommend setting aside a good amount of time. I have 3 clusters with a total of 8 hosts and 5 Edge Gateways it took a total of about 5 hours to complete the upgrade.  Worst part is I told my wife I would be an hour and then we could go Christmas Shopping.  Not good 😉  Good news is if you finish in 2 hours you get the rest of the day off.  Seriously your boss called me and said that would be fine.  Oh and if you are running EVO:Rail the upgrade only takes 1/4th of the time……. j/k.

To start you will need to download the upgrade bundle.  IF you haven’t already I have the link in my post about the release.

First thing you will want to do before starting the upgrade is take a snapshot of your NSX manager Server.  No seriously take a snapshot it will only add a few minutes to the overall time.  Actually mine took a little bit of time to complete.

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VMware NSX 6.1.2 for vSphere has been released

If you are currently running NSX for vSphere 6.1 you will be happy to hear that that NSX 6.1.2 for vSphere has been released.  In it is a number of bug fixes that I am particularly happy about.  One fix in particular that I am very happy to see is:

vNICs get ejected because of insufficient ESXi heap memory –  I ran into this in the MoaC Lab and of course it took some time to track down and get resolved.  Aside from being a difficult bug to diagnose it caused secondary issues that were just a pain.  So glad to see this one is taken care of.

Poodle Vulnerability – This release includes an API call that you can use to diable SSL v3 on  specified NSX Edges.

OpenSSL – Has been upgraded to the 101j release

UI Fixes – Not yet sure which ones.

Security Group Parallel Creation  – has been added.  This should help in the over time it takes to deploy App Services in vRealize Automation.

VPN Fixes – I’m not sure on what these fixes are, but I hope there is a fix for OSPF updates over Layer2 VPN.  I will surely let you know once I find out.

There is more details on the the NSX for vSphere 6.1.2 release in the release notes.

You can also find the download here.