VMware NSX 6.1.3 Released Today

For all of you that have been patiently waiting for NSX 6.1.3 so you can upgrade to vSphere 6, your wait is over!  VMware has relaeased NSX 6.1.3 today and it is now live for download.  On top of support for vSPhere 6 it also includes a number od security and bug fixes details can be found in the release notes.

NSX vSphere 6.1.3 introduces the following features:

  • Dynamic routing protocols are supported on sub-interfaces.
  • ECMP and Logical Firewall are supported at the same time with logical routing.

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VMware vSphere 6 & NSX – Planning on upgrading to vSPhere 6 and in an environment with NSX?

So vSphere 6 launched last week and you want to kick the tires in your lab.  Hopefully before you install you head on over to VMware and check out the Interoperability Matrixes. I’ve been reading posts online about folks jumping in with both feet and just straight out upgrading to vSphere 6.  Of course I may have been one of those people myself.

I being who I am got all excited over the vSphere 6 release and all the new features it offers cracked open the upgrade guide and went all in with the vSphere 6 migration utility and migrated my vCenter 5.5 server to vCenter 6.  That’s half the battle right.  Get through the migration and everything will be golden.  Not quiet.  After the migration, (which went fairly smooth by the way) I launched the vSphere web client and went to login and noticed I was not able to login as myself.  Luckily the administrator@vsphere.local account was able to login with no issues.  I then started poking around and noticed I no longer had a link for Networking and Security.

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VMware NSX 6.1 for vSphere – Deploying an Edge Gateway

So far we have deployed (2) Logical Switches and (1) Distributed Logical Router and deployed a VM on to each logical switch.  Our VM’s can communicate with each other across the Distributed Logical Router, but they can’t communicate to anything else.  What we now need to do is deploy an Edge Gateway that we will configure to communicate upstream to the physical network and downstream to the logical network.  Where we could technically just connect the Distributed Logical Router upstream to your physical network, it’s not really a best practice approach and it’s not a supported approach when integrating with vCAC.

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VMware NSX 6.1 for vSphere – Deploying Logical Switches

NSX Logical Switches can be looked at as the equivalent of a virtual VLAN.  They identify the networks that you will be connecting your virtual machines to that ride over your VXLAN Transport Zones.  Each Logical Switch is assigned a Segment ID that is similar to a VLAN ID.  The difference is the packet encapsulation.  Each of the exercises I will be writing build on top of the previous. If you are reading this and are looking for the preceding articles click here.

During this walk-through you are going to configure (2) Logical Switches that we will use in a later article where we are going to configure Logical Routing.  For this article we will only be configuring the Logical Switches.

In my previous article I walked through configuring Transport Zones.  I’m going to be using the Desktop Cluster Transport Zone that I created in that article.  I will be creating (2) Logical switches in the MoaC Lab Attached the Desktop-Transport-Zone.

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