VMware NSX 6.1 for vSphere – Deploying Logical Switches

NSX Logical Switches can be looked at as the equivalent of a virtual VLAN.  They identify the networks that you will be connecting your virtual machines to that ride over your VXLAN Transport Zones.  Each Logical Switch is assigned a Segment ID that is similar to a VLAN ID.  The difference is the packet encapsulation.  Each of the exercises I will be writing build on top of the previous. If you are reading this and are looking for the preceding articles click here.

During this walk-through you are going to configure (2) Logical Switches that we will use in a later article where we are going to configure Logical Routing.  For this article we will only be configuring the Logical Switches.

In my previous article I walked through configuring Transport Zones.  I’m going to be using the Desktop Cluster Transport Zone that I created in that article.  I will be creating (2) Logical switches in the MoaC Lab Attached the Desktop-Transport-Zone.

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