Using VCB with any backup software

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I don’t know how many times I have helped with VCB issues in the past couple of years on the VMTN Forums. It usually falls down to someone not understanding the VM Backup Guide or how VCB works. Honestly, the guide leaves something to be desired. Because of this, I have published a “Proven Practice” guide on VI:OPS to try to clarify things.


VI:OPS is a VMware Forum that dedicates itself to providing information related to operations surrounding a VMware Infrastructure. The “Proven Practice” documents are submitted and reviewed by moderators before they are published. The published documents allow for peers to comment on the documents.


Although VMware provides integration kits for a few different brands of backup software, it does not cover all of the different brands versions. Some vendors have created their own integration kits as well. But not every brand or version is covered. Because of this, I have outlined a generic method for using VCB to back up and recover VMs. Some other things that really needed to be clarified were using VCB in hot-add mode and performing FullVM backups of selected disks. The doc includes screen shots and command sytax examples.  So head over and check out the doc -> Proven Practice: Setting Up VMware Consolidated Backup for any Backup Software.

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