vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 5.1 – Custom Property of the Day #4 – vCenter Folders

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POTD #4 vCenter Folders
vCAC version: 5.1
Property Name

Property Description
This property tells vCenter what folder to place the virtual machine into giving you the ability conform to folder hierarchies you may already have in place. If the specified folder does not already exists, it will be created.
Caution: Folder names area case sensitive.
Property Usage
This property can can only be used with virtual provisioning to vCenter.
Usage: PropertyNme = VirtualMachine.Admin.ThinProvision    Property value = {FolderName}\{SubFolderName}\{additional sub folders….}\
Note: Make sure to put the trailing slash.
Recommended Placement
There are a number of useful places to put this property, could be groups, blueprint, compute resource, or build profile depending on what your needs arae.

2 Replies to “vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 5.1 – Custom Property of the Day #4 – vCenter Folders”

  1. Hi,
    there is a typo in the “Property Usage” paragraph: PropertyName should be VMware.VirtualCenter.Folder. Anyway, great blog and thanks for the work.

  2. Other custom properties such as VirtualMachine.Storage.Name can be referenced as a ValueList in Property Attributes, but VMware.VirtualCenter.Folder doesn’t seem to work as a ValueList. I could only get it to work if it was defined as Property Definitions.

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