vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 5.1 – Installing Self-Service Portal

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vCAC comes with a self-service portal outside the standard portal. The self-service portal is included with the vCAC-51-Extensibiliy installation files. The reason it is included with the extensibility file sit that it is provided as an example of what you could build on your own. However it has quickly become the portal that everyone is using. To install the portal you need to download the VMware vCloud Automation Center 5.1 – Development Kit. In the kit their is an installation file named “DCAC-SelfService-Setup.exe” this is the installer for the Self-Service portal.

Installing the Self-Service Portal

Watch the Video Tutorial!

1. Right-Click on the installer and select “Run as Administrator


2. Select “Next


3. Accept the agreement and click “Next“.


4. Browse and select your “vCAC 5.1” license, not your CDK license.


5. Click “Next


6. Input your database “Hostname” as well as the “database name” and click “Test Connection” to validate. {You need to be logged in as a user with permissions to the database}. After Successful DB validation click “Next” to continue.

7. Un-Check “Use HTTPS” then input the “hostname/IP” address for the “Manager Service” and the “Model Manager“. Make sure to include the ports for each. Input the “Username” and “Password” for an account that has access to the “Model Manager” and click “Next“.


8. Input the “Username” and “Password” for the “Self-Service Portal” service account and click “Next


9. Click “Install


10. Click “Finish”


11. go to http://{hostname}/dcacselfservice to use the Self-Service Portal


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