vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 6.0 – Adding vCHS Endpoints

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This article covers how to add a vCHS Endpoint to vCAC 6.0.1

Adding a vCHS Endpoint

1. We start by going to the Infrastructure tab, then choosing Endpoints from the side menu and then Endpoints again. Once there hover over the New Endpoint item on the right side of the page.

2. Once the menu slides down select Cloud and then vApp (vCloud Director).

3. Give your EndPoint a “Name” and then input the vCHS API Address in to the “Address” field.

3a. To locate the API Address for your vCHS account, login to your vCHS account at and select one of your Virtual Data Centers.

3b. Once the page loads for the selected Virtual Data Center select “vCloud Director API URL” on the right side of the page under “Related Links”.

3c. Your vCloud Director API URL is now displayed. Copy this url for use in the Endpoint Setup.

4. Your url will look something like this For the address filed in vCAC you only need to enter the FQDN like You would then add the org M741965660-4568 to the “Organization” field.

5. Then select the appropriatecredentials from the picker and click ok.

6. Click “Ok” and save the new EndPoint.

*Important – Don’t forget to add your vCHS Organization to an existing or new Fabric Group. Once you add the Organization to a Fabric Group vCAC will perform a data collection against the Organization and a compute resource will be available in the “Compute Resource” section of vCAC. If you do not add your organization to a Fabric Group you will not be able to create any reservation against it. For information on creating a Fabric Group click here.

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