vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 6.0 – Creating a Business Group

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Business Groups are representations of your organizations logical groupings of users and managers. These can be business units or other groupings such as developers, windows users, etc. Business groups are very important within vCAC because these are the groups that you assign resources to. You can assign resources from the various types of supported infrastructure to these groups and the users are then able to provision workloads to those assigned resources.

Creating a Business Group

  1. From the Infrastructure menu select Group form the left menu.
  2. VCAC6FG-1

  3. On the Group menu select Business Groups from the left. And then select “New Business Group” from the top right.
  4. vcac601bg-1

  5. Give your Business Group and Name, assign the Default Machine Prefix, and add Users/Groups to the “Group Manager Role. The users added to the group manager role will be able to oversee all machines owned by the group as well as create blueprints for their group. Next input an email address fora user or distribution group that will receive admin emails in the Send manager emails to:User Role

  6. vcac601bg-2

  7. Click “Ok” to create your new “Business Group”

*Note: Business Groups were formerly called Provisioning Groups in early versions of the product.

2 Replies to “vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 6.0 – Creating a Business Group”

  1. Hi,
    I have a vCAC 6.1, we are just using the Default Tenant for all of our users. Our Identity Store is configured to use Native Active Directory. When I create a business group, if I enter with AD group name, no results are returned. However is I enter a user account name the account is returned.

    Any idea as to how I can resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Although no results are listed in the drop down you should be able to type in the group name and add it to the role. This is something that is known in 6.1, it will still use the group.

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