vCloud Automation Center – vCAC 6.0 – Creating a Service

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vCAC 6.0 introduces us to a new Self-Service catalog and a new way of managing Catalog Items. In previous versions of vCAC Blueprints were assigned to groups within the Blueprint itself. In vCAC 6.0 Blueprints are published which enables them to be assigned to users and groups through the catalog management components of the vCAC Service Catalog.

To enable blueprints to be available in the catalog we first need a service that we can publish them to. A service is really just a container that will hold the object. If you look at the service catalog you can see the services listed down the left side. These services are the containers that hold the actual catalog items that can be requested.


We must have at least one service in the environment to enable our catalog items against. Below are the steps to create a service.

Creating a new service

  1. You will need to go to Administration -> Catalog Management ->Services and then click the + sign next to Services at the top to create a new service.
  2. vcac601cs-0

  3. Next give your service a name, choose an icon to represent your service if you like, mark the status as active, and click add to create your new service.
  4. vcac601cs-4

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