vCloud Automation Cetner – vCAC 5.1 – DEM Installation

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In this article we are going to walk through the installation of both the Orchestrator DEM and the Worker DEM. Once vCAC is installed in order for it to process workflows it needs at least one of each. There are a few gotchas during the installation so play close attention.

Watch the video tutorial!

Running the Installer

1. Locate the “DCAC-Dem-Setup” file, “right click” and select “Run as administrator


Getting Started

2. Click “Next


Accept the terms

3. Accept the terms and click “Next


DEM Instance Configuration

4. Give your DEM a name. Then choose the type of DEM you want to install. I generally install the “Orchestrator” DEM first, however order does not matter. If you did not perform an https installtion be sure to un-checkUse HTTPS” and then click “Next


Setting the Location

5. If you like you can change the default location of the DEM here and then click “Next


Host Configurations

6. This step is very important! If you are not doing an https installation you must include the port numbers after the hostname for the “Manager Service” which is “9003” and the “Model Manager” which is “80“. Once you input your hostnames you need to provide the credentials that have access to the “Model Manager” and click “Next


Service Configuration

7. Put in the credentials for the service account that the DEM will run-as and then click “Next


Ready to Install

8. Click “Next” to install.


Installation Complete

9. Click “Finish” to complete the installation.


Now we need to install the “Worker DEM“. You will follow steps 1-9 above. On “Step4” this time choose “Worker DEM” to complete the installation of the worker DEM. Once both DEMs are installed go to http://localhost/dcac from the server and you should see the vCAC web interface without the DEM warnings.

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