VI Toolkit powershell simple script #2 – Create new NFS datastore

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This simple little useful script can be used to add a new nfs datastore to all the hosts in an esx cluster.  Alternatively you can modify this and replace get-cluster CLUSTER_NAME with get-datacenter DATACENTER_NAME and add an ISO nfs share to your whole datacenter.

foreach ($ESXhost in get-cluster CLUSTER_NAME| get-vmhost)
                          New-datastore –nfs –vmhost $ESXhost –name [datastore_name] –path [/remote_path] –nfshost [nfs_server]

Simply replace CLUSTER_NAME with the name of the cluster you would like to run the script against, replace datastore_name with the name you want the datastore to have, replace remote_path with the nfs path on the nfs server, and nfs_server with the hostname or IP address of the nfs server you are connecting to.

Alternate method:

New-datastore –nfs –vmhost (get-cluster “cluster_name” | get-vmhost) –name [datastore_name] –path[/remote_path] –nfshost [nfs_server]

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