VMware Cloud Automation Center – vCAC 5.1

Caution: Articles written for technical not grammatical accuracy, If poor grammar offends you proceed with caution ;-)

Many of you are already aware that in July 2012 VMware acquired DynamicOps for it’s Cloud Automation Center product.  Since that time VMware released a new version vCAC 5.1 which introduced support for VMware Cloud Director and VMware vCenter Orchestrator.  In November of 2012 VMware also released the vCloud Suit line-up.  The vCloud suits seem to be very effective for a lot of customers allowing to gain access to more products for a lesser price than buying them individually.  Why am I telling you all of this, simple.  vCAC is bundled with the enterprise version of the vCloud Suit.  A lot of you may have purchased the vCloud Suit Enterprise and already own this awesome product and not even realize it.  In either case regardless of if you own it and want to learn or are interested in downloading the trial to give it a spin I’m preparing to publish a full series on how to get started with vCloud Automation Center.

Over the next few weeks I will be publishing many articles about vCAC including:

  • What to know before you install vCAC
  • Installing vCAC
  • Integrating vCAC with vCenter
  • Integrating vCAC with vCloud Director
  • Integrating vCAC with Amazon EC2
  • Integrating vCAC with Hyper-V
  • Integrating vCAC with XenServer
  • Configuring IP Address Management with vCAC
  • Managing Resoruces with vCAC
  • Provisioning Windows Machine with vCAC
  • Provisioning Linux Machines with vCAC
  • Integration with Citrix XenDesktop
  • Integration with Citrix PVS
  • Integration with SCCM
  • and much much more………

Keep checking back I will be publishing roughly 3-4 articles per week with more to come including using the Workflow Designer to create your own integrations and other extensibility related topics.

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  1. Hi
    Do you already have article about Citrix XD (7) and Citrix machine provisioning service integration? We are very interested in having vCAC for our VSI & VDI future implementation

    kind regards.

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