VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cross Cloud Services–VMworld 2016 Keynote

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Many of you are at VMworld 2016 and had the opportunity to be at the Keynote Live this morning.  However there are those of us that are not at VMworld this year so I decided to put together some highlights from this mornings keynote.

The big theme for the keynote this year was the announcement of  VMware Cloud Foundation and Cross Cloud Services.   Although I say too much about Cloud Foundation beyond what what was discussed in this mornings keynote I think the below slide really helps shed some light.  Although you will hear Cloud Foundation compared to Nutanix, I see it as more than just converged infrastructure.  I see it more as a converged cloud.  If you look at the let side of the below image you can see that VMware Cloud Foundation includes, Private Cloud as well as VMware vCloud air, and the IBM cloud.  The benefit here is all of these environments are built on top of VMware technology.  To the right you see the Non-VMware-Based Clouds which includes Amazon, Azure, and Google CP.  These would be what’s part of the VMware Cross Cloud Services.



In this mornings demo during the keynote we got a sneak peak at what to expect form this offering.  Below are some screenshots of the Cloud Services interface where you would manage this marriage between public and private cloud.  The demo included some impressive scenarios where a administrator was able to go and discover servers hosted on Amazon by a company employee and gain some insights notably around security to determine if these assets were properly secured.  In the example the servers were not secured having databases exposed to the web.  Without moving the workloads off Amazon the administrator was able to apply the appropriate NSX security policies to appropriately secure the application.





To take the demo further an application hosted in one region of the Amazon Public cloud was cloned to not only another region of the Amazon Public cloud, but also to the Azure cloud to provide maximum redundancy.  The demo was very impressive and I must say I’m very much looking forward to when I can get my hands on this and really start to dig in.


After this great demo of some of the key features to come with Cloud Foundation and Cross Cloud Services Pat shared some additional information such as what you see below.  He spoke about able to extend Management and Automation, Networking and Security, and Data and Governance across VMware Cloud Foundation and Non-VMware Clouds.


Stay tuned for more great information on VMware Cloud Foundation and Cross Cloud Services.

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