vRA 7 Walk-Through

In this vRA 7 walk-through I will be providing step-by-step walk-throughs for items specific to vRA 7.  If a component has not changed between vRA 6 and vRA 7 I will simply be linking the topic to the vRA 6 article that has already been written on the subject.  I may if needed add some notes to the existing articles to point out anything that may be slightly different.  Articles mark verified have had the existing VRA 6.x article verified to also be compliant with vRA7.

Installing vRA 7.0

  1. vRA 7 – A look at what’s to come
  2. Performing a vRA 7.0 Minimal Deployment Installation
  3. Installing the vCAC 7.0 Linux Guest Agent
  4. Installing the vCAC 7.0 Windows Guest Agent

Configuring vRA 7.0

  1. Creating Tenants
  2. Adding Licenses
  3. Creating Credential
  4. Creating Network Profiles
  5. Adding EndPoints
  6. Creating a Fabric Group – Verified
  7. Creating a Business Group
  8. Creating Resource reservations
  9. Creating a Build Profile
  10. Creating Blueprints
  11. Event Broker
  12. Catalog Management
    • Creating Services
    • Enabling Catalog Items
    • Entitlements
  13. Approvals
  14. Using the Guest Agents
    • Using the Linux Guest Agent
    • Using the Windows Guest AGent
  15. Connecting vCAC to NSX


  1. Customizing Hostnames
  2. Active Directory Computer Account Management
  3. Convert VM CPU Sockets to Cores
  4. Custom vCenter Folders w/Multi-Machine and NSX Support
  5. Ultimate Multi-Machine Blueprints

Use cases


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