vRealize Automation – vCAC 6.2 – Pre-Req Automation Script

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Are you getting ready for the pending release of vRealize Automation 6.2 next week?  If so you’ll want to make your first stop GitHub to download Brian Graf’svCAC62-PreReq-Automation.ps1 script.  If you are not familiar with Brian’s PreREq automation scrip, it is a script that configures all of the needed requirements ion your Windows IaaS server prior to installing vCAC.  Brian did a fantastic job with the creation of this, it is a must have if you are installing vCAC from scratch.

In this version he updated the script to account for vCAC 6.2 Pre-Requisites so head on over to https://github.com/vtagion/Scripts/blob/master/vCAC62-PreReq-Automation.ps1 to download the script and get familiar with it to be prepared for the pendinf release.

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    1. I would not. I would also recommend that you backup your database and snapshot your vCAC appliance and IaaS Server before you upgrade. I would recommend following the upgrade guide very closely it details everything you need to know for an upgrade. I will say that if you have a more complex implementation that includes NSX and other components I would highly recommend that you stand up an environment that is as close to your production environment as possible to perform a test upgrade.

      1. Thx Sid – my environment is pretty simple as this is just a lab and I am in the process of backing up the DBs and have already snapped the Applicance & IaaS server. Once I have tested here I will be looking to update our Prod environment. Was just curious about running this new checker. So this is more for a new installation rather than an upgrade

  1. After using a script execution, and restart the computer, run the【 vCloud Automation Center Configurtion 】 after:

    Windows Firewall is on.

    Although Distributed Transaction Coordinator has been enabled, the distributed transaction can fail if the firewall is turned on and has been set up improperly for MSDTC.

    To set up the firewall for MSDTC, complete the following steps: (Regardless of whether Manager Service and database are on the same host or on different hosts.)

    1. From Control Panel, click System and Security.

    2. Under Windows Firewall section, select Allow a program through Windows Firewall.

    3. Select Distributed Transaction Coordinator, and then click OK.


    According to the prompt, run【 vCloud Automation Center Configurtion 】 still prompt the problem, received close the firewall can pass.

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