vRealize Code Stream – vRCS7 – vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps 2.0 has been released

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If you haven’t looked at Code Stream, you may want to now.  Code Stream as you may or may not know is VMware’s DevOps product, but what you may not know is that with this management pack it adds some features to your vRA deployment that you may be interested in.  Now this isn’t totally new it is in version 2.0 as you can see.  The management pack allows you to utilize Code Stream to automate the SDDC lifecycle of templates, blueprints, workflows, dashboards, scripts and more within vRA.  This is pretty cool right.  If you want to use a blueprint for two tenants your can automate the lifecycle of these blueprints which I think is awesome.

Check out the info below it will be worth your time


Simplify vRealize Suite and vSphere content lifecycle management
This new management pack allows customers to automate the lifecycle of SDDC content (templates, blueprints, workflows, dashboards, scripts, etc.) and move them across dev, test and production environments as part of a release pipeline.  One challenge today is that moving content from one environment to another is often a manual, complicated, time-consuming and error-prone process.  Houdini includes pre-built pipeline templates and workflow "magic sauce" that greatly automate and simplify that process.
A great way to operationalize DevOps for IT and Infrastructure as Code initiatives
Blueprints, workflows and any other types of SDDC "content" are essentially code and, like any other code, should follow development best practices to ensure that changes do not break anything in production.  These best practices include developing and testing that code in a segregated environment before deploying them to production.  As more datacenter objects become software defined, it’s important for IT and Cloud Infrastructure teams to manage the lifecycle of that content just like application code.

What’s new?
The Management Pack now runs on the vRA 7.0.1/vRCS 2.0 appliance platform
17 additional SDDC Package Types have been added, see below for details.
The addition of pre/post vRCS Pipeline Stubs allows customers to extend the business logic at various stages, this allows use cases such as:
Content can be altered prior to releasing to a content endpoint
Manual tasks can be added
Test environments can be stood up/torn down between tests
A new CloudClient plugin for complete control via a CLI.

New Package Types:
vRA 6.2
vRA 6 IaaS Build Profiles
vRA 7.0
Composite Blueprint’s
XaaS Blueprint’s
Resource Action’s
Property Groups
Property Definitions
Virtual Machine Templates
Customization Specifications
Alerts including Symptoms and Recommendations
Super Metrics
Resource Kind Metric Configs
TopoWidget Configs
Text Widget Content


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