vSphere 6 Update 2 finally brings a full web client

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I haven’t worked closely with vSphere much as most of my automation work has been 100% focused on not caring about what the infrastructure underneath actually looks like. It is however deeply ingrained in me based on my many years working for a global manufacturer who standardized on vSphere. I still fully remember every moment of managing hundreds of vSphere hosts and multiple vCenters across the globe! I can tell you without question if any communication with vCenter was lost then it was all about trying to manage that host.

Let me say each release we get better at scale, monster VM, Mega Monster VMs, and of course tighter integrations. This is all great news but one of the items that has now popped up on the vSphere 6 Updated 2 (which was released this week) is it finally includes a very powerful fling that was introduced last year.

One of the best parts is that it is entirely based on HTML5 so no need for specialized or out dated clients!

If you didn’t get exposure before well now there aren’t any additional steps like building in the VIB files, now it’s included and out of the box!

Embedded host client
Embedded host client

There’s no better time to upgrade to vSphere 6 than right now!

Obviously there are bug fixes and other new features but this is one of those that really stuck out to me!

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